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Fort Smith ER & Hospital offers comprehensive emergency care options for everything from accidents, injuries, and trauma, to serious illnesses and chronic medical conditions.

Imaging & Laboratory

Fort Smith ER  & Hospital prides itself on our state-of-the-art imaging services. We offer X-ray, CT scan, MRI and bedside ultrasound and are dedicated to providing patients with an easy, thorough and expedient experience no matter the time of day.

Pediatric Care

Our physicians are all board certified in emergency care for all ages, with experience treating emergency pediatric patients.

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Our experience was nothing short of amazing. The moment we walked through the doors we were taken care of immediately with extra attention to details and making sure they had the entire picture before making a diagnosis! I cannot say enough good things about this top of the line facility and staff!


I have needed an MRI for some time, but it has been months trying to get an available appointment. I came here today and they were able to get me straight back. Very clean facility, nice staff, and an empty waiting room. They also gave me options for CT, US, and X-ray if needed.


Very caring staff. They helped figure out what was wrong with me in a very fast manner. All the staff was truly amazing! Love the new ER!!


Fort Smith ER saw me right away and was prompt with addressing all concerns I had. The staff was all extremely nice and caring. I will definitely be going back for any emergency care needs!


Best experience I’ve ever had in terms of an ER. Absolutely stellar staff, incredible facilities, and genuine care provided.


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